Where Are They Now?

Darren Casher
Age: 26
Now: Opening his own shop, “Royal Customz”

Darren Casher knew the way he was living wasn’t working.  Following a life of crime and drugs, Casher found himself in Forsyth County Jail.  Dave Moore and Southside Rides, however, who partner with the jail, offered multiple classes to take in prison.  Casher took twelve classes while in jail that taught him how to deal with people and how to successfully live when he was released. Casher said, “In this world today, not many people will give you a chance to better yourself.  If it weren’t for my parents and Moore I never would have gotten this far.”  The Southside Rides graduate is now starting up his own paint and auto body shop called “Royal Customz” in Kernersville, NC.  He credits Moore for much of his recent success.

Travis Caldwell
Age: 24
Now:  Working a full time job at Dillard’s

One of the main proponents of Dave Moore’s program is goal setting.  Travis Caldwell’s goal was simple and direct:  to work a job where he gets to wear a suit every day.  Caldwell was one of Southside Ride’s first students and mentees after he shot a man for stealing his car.  Although he did not serve time, Caldwell knew his lifestyle needed to change.  He worked hard and diligently at Southside Rides to learn the kind of skills that could help him achieve his goal.  Caldwell claims that he used to be “bad just to be bad,” but Southside Rides “changed him into a totally different person.”  After completing Southside Rides, Caldwell was hired to work for Dillard’s in the shoe department where he gets to wear his suit to work every day.  He has Dave Moore and Southside Rides to thank for helping him attain his goal and nudging him in the right direction.

Chris Myers
Age: 24
Now:  Owns his own shop, “360 Professional Detailer”

Myers worked very closely with Dave Moore for months and had nothing but uplifting compliments for Southside Rides.  “It is a great working environment,” Myers said.  “[Southside Rides] is a really great networking tool to get people back on their feet.”  He describes everyone in the Southside Rides program to be happy and excited about the change going on inside and outside the shop. Myers now owns his own shop “360 Professional Detailer.”  He thanks Southside Rides for a lot of the inspiration and guidance to create his shop.

Ronald Hackett
Age: 23
Now: Owns “Venable Motorsports"

After Ronald Hackett dropped out of high school to support his two younger sisters, the young man began to quickly fall into some legal issues.  With no degree and trouble with the law, Hackett was headed down the wrong path.  However, Dave Moore helped him realize his ambitions and contributed to Hackett starting his shop called “Venable Motorsports,” named for his grandfather.  It was Moore’s guidance, encouragement, and assistance that motivated Hackett to turn his life around.  Hackett proclaims, “I’ve come a long way from being [on] the streets.”

R.L. Cooper
Age: 24
Now: Works at UPS, runs his shop, “761 Automotive”

After graduating from high school, RL Cooper wanted to continue his schooling, but he did not have the money.  Cooper always loved cars and was very interested in body work, so when his aunt introduced him to Southside Rides, he knew it was a great fit.  He admired Moore for his selflessness to teach his talents and skills to help people make money and succeed in life.  Now, Cooper is effectively running his shop, 761 Automotive, working at UPS, all while helping out at another auto body shop in Winston-Salem, “Mesmerize Rides.” Cooper said, “Dave wanted to go out and help other people.  That’s the kind of person I want to be around.”

-- Parker Bradway