Numbers at a Glance

Generosity is a key ingredient to what we do at Southside Rides.  But the success of the current 23 students as well as future students is entirely dependent upon your generosity.

Our Lessons on Learning class is offered at no cost ($0) to students because we feel that their devotion to the program and drive to succeed already comes at a difficult price.  In order for this practice to continue, donations are vital.

Lessons on Learning is a prerequisite of our other classes, including Introduction to Auto Painting, a class registered through Forsyth Tech.  A registration fee of $210 is required for this class.  So, sponsor a student.  Just $210 can impact a young person tremendously, helping to mold his or her future.

You can also sponsor a teacher.  The instructors at Southside Rides are not just mentors and friends to our students; they teach the skills and behaviors necessary to reach new levels.  Keeping our instructors costs money.  Sponsor an instructor for $25 an hour.

Physical materials are also vital to our mission.  The average amount of time it takes to custom paint an automobile is 3 hours.  During that time, many shop materials and tools are required, but these goods can be expensive.  The following is a list of small amounts where you will see tangible results from your donations in the garage.

  • $10 one pair of safety glasses, a necessity in the paint shop 
  • $20 one respirator, another need that protects students from harmful fumes
  • $25 one set of body detailing materials, which every student must have in order to complete classes
  • $80 one textbook, a cost covered by South Side Rides
  • $150 one paint gun

Like most foundations, our most strenuous costs come from maintaining our facilities on Hope Street where all of our classes are taught and training is performed.  Help us keep our building up and running.

  • $2100 one month’s building rent
  • $250 monthly electricity cost
  • $250 monthly gas cost
  • $200 monthly telephone cost

No donation is too small.  Your generosity is our well-being.

So, call (336) 788-7860 today!

-- Rob Byrd