Board of Directors

Mr. Roy Roebuck

 Mr. Roy Roebuck was raised in Winston-Salem and is a product of the Forsyth County School System. He has since received credentials from Duke University’s Office of Continuing Studies in Empowerment and Leadership Credentials. He now is an instructor at Forsyth Tech. Roebuck gives presentations and motivational speeches at three local prison camps, inspiring inmates in re-entry programs, in addition to volunteering for the Forsyth County Jail/Prison Ministry. He was asked to speak at the ceremony for the Southside Rides’ first graduating class.

Mr. Larry Weston

Mr. Larry Weston graduated from the University of the District of Columbia with a degree in Community and Urban Planning, and then received his MBA from the Babcock Gradute School of Management at Wake Forest University. Now living in Winston-Salem, Weston is the President of a consulting firm called The Breakthrough Company, which provides technical, organizational, and managerial development assistance to profit and non-profit companies in the area. He also is a City Planner in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County.

Mr. Terrello Wilson

Mr. Terrello Wilson is a graduate of Southside Rides. Upon his graduation, Dave Moore entrusted Wilson with many responsibilities at Southside Rides, where he now works to help young men make changes in their lives just as he has. A profile on him can be found under the Success Stories.

Mr. Solomon Quick

Mr. Solomon Quick is a Winston-Salem native.  He works for the Winston-Salem Police Department where he serves as the Gang Reduction Specialist. While researching gang activity in the community, Quick found Dave Moore and Southside Rides as a program to put former and current gang members on a better path. He believes strongly in the change that Moore and the program can make. “Dave Moore has a story, commitment, and program that is truly amazing.”

-- Maggie Niehaus